SyncMyWorkout's Peloton resistance data field

May 25, 2024

SyncMyWorkout has released a Garmin data field available in the ConnectIQ store that will estimate Peloton resistance from your current power and cadence.

Using the data field without a Peloton bike

This data field is primarily for users who take Peloton classes on non-Peloton bicycles, so they can follow along when an instructor provides a target resistance. It will work best with indoor bicycles that have a magnetic braking resistance system similar to the Peloton (Keiser, Stages, etc..).

After you install the data field on your watch's indoor bike activity profile, you will see a resistance estimate if your watch receives power and cadence data. To avoid jumpy data, the data field displays a resistance range (e.g. 40-45) instead of a single number.

Peloton Resistance Data Field

The resistance estimate is calculated using a statistical model that was trained on thousands of rides taken on the Peloton bike+. We will continue to make updates to the data field as our model improves.

Today your watch must be paired to a power and cadence sensor in order for a resistance estimate to be generated. If you don't have power, but you do have speed data, drop us an email. We are working on a model that will generate resistance estimates from speed and cadence data.

If you have any further questions/feedback/requests related to this data field, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team!