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A better way to sync your Peloton rides to Garmin

2020-11-14 by @renschler
Last Updated: 2021-09-30

*SyncMyWorkout is not affiliated with Peloton or Garmin

Update (9/30/21): SyncMyWorkout now supports all Peloton class types, not just rides.

If you are like me, you have a Garmin device for recording your workouts life, but you're disappointed that it doesn't play nice with Peloton.

There are a few round about ways to get your Peloton rides into Garmin. None of them are automated. None of them preserve your workout's interval structure. And none of them can generate Garmin's suite of cycling metrics.

This changes with the launch of SyncMyWorkout which can automatically upload your Peloton rides to Garmin Connect.

Peloton ride workout in Garmin Connect with Training Effect and Exercise Load

If you take power zone classes, you'll be able to compare your output against the workout targets. Power and power targets graph

For non-power zone rides, you can still inspect individual laps for granular workout breakdowns. You'll also have access to your power curve, "time in zones" graphs, and additional views within the Garmin Connect mobile app.

Power curve in Garmin Connect mobile

Update (12/19/20): You can also merge your watch recordings with your Peloton ride data so you get one activity that contains Training Effect.

To set things up, create a SyncMyWorkout account and link your Peloton and Garmin accounts. As soon as you do this, your last week of rides will start syncing over to Garmin for free.

Then, if you choose to start a SyncMyWorkout subscription ($25/year, $7/month, or $15/year on the partner plan) when you complete a ride, SyncMyWorkout will automatically upload it to Garmin within an hour.

If you want immediate uploads, link your Strava account and make sure you've configured Peloton to auto post your workouts to Strava. Strava is not strictly necessary, but with Strava connected your upload can be triggered right away because it will notifiy SyncMyWorkout as soon as you finish your ride.

That's it! If you have any questions or feedback feel free to reach out to me directly patrick@syncmyworkout.com

Happy Training!

P.S. If you want to sync your workouts to other services (Suunto, Wahoo, Coros ...) or connect other platforms to be a source of workouts (Tonal, Tempo, Hydrow...) please checkout that link where I am tracking requests!

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