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How to sync any Peloton workout to Garmin

2021-09-30 by @renschler

*SyncMyWorkout is not affiliated with Peloton or Garmin

SyncMyWorkout can now sync *all* Peloton class types to Garmin. This includes tread workouts and workouts taken on the Peloton app.

Example of Tread Run upload to Garmin using SyncMyWorkout

How do I use SyncMyWorkout?

To set things up, create a SyncMyWorkout account and then connect Peloton and Garmin on the account settings page. As soon as you do this, your last week of workouts will start syncing over to Garmin for free.

Then, if you choose to start a SyncMyWorkout subscription ($25/year, $7/month, or $15/year on the partner plan) when you complete a workout, SyncMyWorkout will automatically upload it to Garmin within an hour.

I recommend linking your Strava account to SyncMyWorkout. This enables immediate syncing and allows SyncMyWorkout's merge feature to work properly.

When Strava is connected to SyncMyWorkout, SyncMyWorkout relies on notifications from Strava to know when you've completed a workout so if you connect SyncMyWorkout to Strava, make sure you've configured Peloton to auto post your workouts to Strava.

What makes SyncMyWorkout better than other solutions?

  • It's fully automated.
  • Your uploads will count towards Garmin badges and challenges.
  • Tread uploads include elevation gain and splits.
  • When you complete a power zone ride, SyncMyWorkout will embed the power zone intervals into the upload. This lets you see how your output compared to the workout target (shown here).
  • If you record an activity on your watch during your peloton workout, SyncMyWorkout can merge the watch recording with the peloton data so that the resulting upload is stamped as coming from your watch and includes training effect, exercise load, and other metrics only generated by your Garmin device (explained here).
  • A developer who cares. Please shoot me an email with any questions/feedback/requests!

P.S. If you want to sync your workouts to other services (Suunto, Wahoo, Coros ...) or connect other platforms to be a source of workouts (Tonal, Tempo, Hydrow...) please checkout that link where I am tracking requests!

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