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  1. My workout never came through to Garmin is something wrong?

    SyncMyWorkout will automatically send you an email if the system realizes your account is misconfigured. It's worthwhile to check your email (and spam folder) to see if SyncMyWorkout has already diagnosed the issue for you.

    It's possible that there is a Strava or Garmin outage. Here are links to their status pages: Strava status page | Garmin status page.

    The most common issue I see with new users is that they have Strava connected to SyncMyWorkout but they forgot to link their Peloton account to Strava. When you have Strava connected to SyncMyWorkout, SyncMyWorkout relies on Strava to know when you've completed a Peloton workout. So if your workout doesn't make it to Strava from Peloton (ie the Peloton branded upload in Strava - it will have a picture of the instructor and the official class title), the sync process won't be triggered.

    Another common issue I see with new users is that they have accidently connected the wrong Strava account, or the wrong Garmin account, to SyncMyWorkout. Sometimes people unknowingly have more than one account under different emails, and they link the wrong one to SyncMyWorkout. Similarly it could be that they connected the wrong Strava account to Peloton.

    If you think something is wrong and you can't figure it out, please send an email to support@syncmyworkout.com. In the meantime you can try to manually trigger a sync on this page.

  2. I have the merge feature turned on but my peloton workouts aren't merging with my watch recordings.

    Here's a blog post that explains the merging feature in detail.

    There are two things that could be happening. The first thing to check is if your watch recordings are meeting the match criteria for the peloton workouts. In order to be considered a match, they have to start within +/-2 min of the peloton workout start time, and the total elapsed time has to be within +/-3 min of the peloton workout elapsed time.

    The second thing to consider is that the merge can only take place if the watch recording is in Garmin at the time of the sync. If you have Strava connected to SyncMyWorkout, SyncMyWorkout will wait for your watch recording to make it to Strava before triggering the sync (see FAQ on the Strava wait period). Without Strava, SyncMyWorkout looks in your Peloton account periodically for recently completed workouts. If it finds a new workout, it will check your Garmin account to see if you have a matching watch recording. If a match isn't found because the watch recording hasn't been uploaded to Garmin yet, the workout will be uploaded without merging.

    If you think neither of those two options occured please email us support@syncmyworkout.com. In the meantime you can delete the SyncMyWorkout upload in Garmin (don't delete the watch recording!) and then manually trigger a merge on this page. If things don't merge when you used the manual sync (and you were sure to delete the SMW upload before you triggered the manual sync) then the watch recording did not meet the match criteria.

  3. I just signed up and connected my Garmin and Peloton accounts. When will my last weeks workouts start syncing?

    Right away. It can take 5-10 minutes to complete.

  4. How does your money back guarantee work?

    All plans come with a 7-day money back guarantee for first time customers. If you are not 100% satisfied within 7 days, email us and we'll give you a full refund.

  5. Do you sync activities from the past?

    Our subscription service will only sync activities that are recorded after your membership has started. If you would like to sync your full Peloton workout history to Garmin you can purchase this separately for $50 (one time non-refundable charge).

  6. How does your "partner plan" work?

    When you start the partner plan you'll get a unique promo-code that can be redeemed by 1 member in your household (anyone you share your bike with) for a free annual subscription. If you cancel your membership their membership will also expire. The partner plan discount does not apply to workout-history sync purchases. Once you receive your promo-code, your partner should create an account, select the partner plan, and enter that code at checkout.

  7. Do I need to connect my Strava account?

    If you have a Strava account we strongly recommend you connect it to SyncMyWorkout. Once it's connected make sure you've configured Peloton to auto post your workouts to Strava. Strava can notify SyncMyWorkout as soon as you've completed a workout so that your upload can be processed right away. Without Strava, SyncMyWorkout checks your peloton account on a regular basis for new workouts to upload, but there will be a delay between when you finish your workout and when it's available in Garmin.

  8. What is the Strava wait period for?

    When you have Strava connected to SyncMyWorkout, SyncMyWorkout waits for Peloton workout notifications from Strava. If you also have the Garmin "merge uploads with watch recordings" feature turned on, then when SyncMyWorkout gets a Peloton workout notification from Strava it checks to see if Strava also has a matching watch recording to go with that Peloton workout. If not the Strava wait period kicks in.

    On the account settings page, under the Strava connection details, you can specify how long you want SyncMyWorkout to wait for Strava to receive a matching watch recording. This wait period exists because you might not sync your watch right away, and if your watch hasn't uploaded to Garmin yet then SyncMyWorkout wouldn't be able to merge your watch data with the Peloton data. The default wait period is 15 minutes. If during that time a matching watch recording shows up in Strava this triggers the merge & upload *right away*, it does not need to wait for the full 15 minutes. If you don't sync your watch right away after your workout you'll probably want to set the wait period to be something longer.

    If no matching watch recording shows up after your wait period expires, SyncMyWorkout signs into your Garmin account to see if there's a matching watch recording (that somehow didn't make it to Strava) before triggering the upload.

    Sometimes Strava will deny the watch upload because it thinks it's a duplicate of the peloton workout. To prevent this behavior (and avoid the waiting period) you can start your watch during the warmup period of the workout like 30 sec before, and end it slightly after, so that the start times and end times are different.

  9. Why do you need my Garmin and Peloton credentials and how are these kept secure?

    Garmin and Peloton do not provide an API for 3rd party developers that allows activity uploads. We protect your credentials within commercially acceptable means to prevent loss and theft, as well as unauthorised access, disclosure, copying, use or modification. Please refer to our Privacy Policy & Terms of Service. Your credentials are captured securely within a page running no 3rd party javascript hosted on a different domain (served within an iframe). They are then encrypted with bank level encryption (256 bit AES). Your encrypted credentials are stored within Stripe customer metadata. Your encrypted credentials are fetched and decrypted within a temporarily provisioned container (AWS Lambda) only when an activity upload is triggered.

  10. My ride was uploaded to Garmin but it's missing the power zone interval structure.

    Was this ride recently aired? If so, we probably haven't obtained the interval structure yet. It can take a few days after a new ride is aired for the interval structure to become available.

    If you want to re-sync a ride, first delete it from Garmin (unless you have the auto-delete feature on, then this step is unnecessary).

    Then you can head to this page and manually trigger a re-sync using the workout id for the ride. This will grab the interval structure if it has become available.

  11. Garmin sent me an email saying that someone signed-in to my account from a new location.

    SyncMyWorkout signs-in on your behalf in order to upload your workouts. This can trigger "suspicious activity" emails from Garmin.

    If you are worried that someone else might have accessed your account you should absolutely reset your Garmin password. But be sure to update it in SyncMyWorkout so your workouts can be uploaded.

  12. Do you sync tread workouts or workouts taken with the peloton app?

    YES! All workout types are now supported.

  13. Can you upload my peloton activities to other platforms?

    SyncMyWorkout will only upload to Garmin Connect. If you want the ability to upload elsewhere you can submit a request here.

  14. What happens if something breaks?

    It is likely that at some point one of the fitness platform connections will break when they make changes on their end. These are out of our control but we will do our best to restore service asap. Status updates will be posted as banner across the website and on twitter. I understand any frustration but I appreciate your patience as I work through any issues.


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